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Resources - H.P.B. Library

The H.P.B. Library was founded in 1917 by Alice L.Cleather as an independent centre distinct from the Theosophical Society and other established Theosophical organizations of the time. The background tone of the Library was based on Mrs. Cleather's experience as a personal pupil of Madame H.P. Blavatsky since 1887, and then as a member of her Esoteric Section and later the Inner Group.

In the years following the death of H.P.B. she became disillusioned with the new leaders whose biases were being presented as Theosophy and with the alterations that were being made to H.P.B.'s book. In those days, before the publication of the Mahatma Letters, there was much confusion and many students were unclear as to what the Masters had really taught. So having ended her association with all the formal Theosophical bodies she founded the Library as a source for making available the Ancient Wisdom as taught and approved by H.P.B. and the Adepts.

The Library operates in accordance with the original ideals of the Theosophical Movement, which are to impress the truth of the universal brotherhood of all humanity and all life, and to exemplify its practice in daily living. Its aims are also to encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science; and to attempt to awaken intuition to our own deeper nature.

In view of the above, the Library contains only reliable editions of H.P.B's work carefully copied from the originals, and later writings of Theosophical students which are based on the Mahatma's teachings. Various books of mystical interest on eastern philosophies, western occultism and metaphysical subjects in general are also included in the Library.

Books may be borrowed from the Library either in person or by way of the mail. There is no charge for this service, though any donations towards the cost of postage are appreciated. Books should be kept for a reasonable period and then returned. If a longer time is required the Library should be notified.

Books classified as "Reference Books" may not be borrowed unless under exceptional circumstances, but may always be consulted within the Library. As the books may not be accessible at all normal library hours, please call ahead of time.

To contact the librarian by e-mail, please select HPB Librarian on our Contact Us page.